The Best Levitating Plant Pot

The Best Levitating Plant Pot | Levitating Air Bonsai Pot

The Best Levitating Plant Pot | Levitating Air Bonsai Pot, Rotation Flower Pot Planters, Magnetic Levitation Suspension Floating Pot, Potted Plant Home Desk Decor in Flower Pots & Planters from Home & Garden on (Light Color)

The best living plant pots are not fooling your eyes: these are real-life living plants!

Just like the classic magic tricks, when they are hovering in mid-air.

You can also quickly sweep your finger between the planter and the platform.

Or even give them a gentle spin.

The secret is within the antique technology of magnets.

If you bear in mind from primary school, once each pole ends of 2 magnets face one another, there’s a powerful magnetic repulsion.

The platform and pot are basically each north poles, and that is, in any case, the planter stays afloat. Perfect, correct?

The Best Levitating Plant Pot

About this Levitating Air Bonsai Pot

✔A patented arrangement of magnets, coils, sensors, and electronics in the base keeps it levitating in mid-air.

✔Unique decoration, impressive gift.

✔It may be a magnetic supernatural magical floating bonsai pot, floating within the air, rotating 360 degrees mechanically once the facility is turned on.

✔ It is often ascertained from totally different angles that plants will rotate within the air with funny dynamics.

✔Light weight: build of resin, natural components, environmentally friendly.

✔Easy to install, easy to maintenance.

✔Suitable for small indoor potted plants/herbs.

✔It works quietly and steadily.

✔Lovely look: Unique creative diagram, the flower pot looks like a suspended planet, very stylish and very cute gift for friends and lovers.

✔LIFETIME GUARANTEE – If this product does not comply with your purpose for any reason we will replace or refund your cash.



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levitating plant pot

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